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Evident Benefit
Evident Benefit
We exchange customer's trust into loyalty by means of ensuring high-quality items and services.
Refer a friend and get a discount
Refer a friend and get a discount
Grant your friend a 5-% discount and 10 -% for you on your next orders via our service.
Want to Try a Combination of Pills?
Want to Try a Combination of Pills?
Choose a trial pack at the most affordable prices containing various medications and make up a decision what is more suitable for you.



What is the origin of pills sold in your online pharmacy?

The medications allowed for sale here is generics.

What are generics? Do they provide the same effect as brand meds?

Generics have the same chemical and structural composition, providing the same therapeutic effect. When the generic drug is released on the pharmaceutical market it names after the main component. The brand name, controversial, is a like a created name having no relating to the main component. The main difference between these two groups of drugs lies in the name, shape, color. But the main difference is the price.

What is the reason for such a low price of generics?

The generics are of lower price because the generics-manufacturers do not spend huge sums of money on clinical trials, advertising and some other expenses. The generics are produced on the bases of brand medications’ clinical trials.

The medications in my order have differed from the brand ones. Why does it happen?

Trusted Tablets is an online pharmacy selling generic medications, not brand ones. Generics, as we have already mentioned, may differ in shape and color. It means that the appearance of a preparation ordered may be different but with the same therapeutic effect. Do not be afraid the main components are similar to brand medications.

What can prove the quality of drugs offered for sale?

All our medications are produced in India. All they are of high-quality confirmed by the Indian FDA. We strive to provide customers with medications of high-quality only because it helps us attract more and more customers from all over the world. The quality is not equal to price because our price policy is built in such a way to make shopping online more affordable for people with low income as well.

How to Order

Are the medications sold with a prescription or not?

Some medications are sold with a legal prescription. There are cases when we sell medications without a prescription but your country law is controversial you should send the prescription to our customer support group. Such a variant will meet both parties’ requirements.

There are several ways to send a prescription: fax or email. Be sure it is up-to-date and has the correct preparation name. We recommend you to consult a doctor in any case whether you buy prescription or non-prescription drugs.

How to make an order online via Trusted Tablets?

The following procedure should be carried out to arrange an order online:

  • select the item you required by pressing the “Buy now” button;
  • select the quantity and dosage of the preparation;
  • press the “Checkout” button;
  • enroll the order information;
  • check all the fields, product quantity and press the “Submit transaction” button.

After the payment is accepted the confirmation email will be sent you. It is very important to examine the order details one more time before your order will be dispensed from our office.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards as the main payment method.

Is it secure to give my credit card information at your site?

We have used special SSL-services to provide a high-quality and absolute security of customers’ personal data. 128-bit encryption to provide the highest security for customers. Be sure your data is safe from unlegalized access.


What kind of shipping do you offer?

We offer almost international shipping except for several Asian countries.

Where are the pills sent from?

The pills are delivered from India where they are produced. All the medications are produced in accordance with the Indian FDA regulations.

Will my order be shipped the same day I purchase?

Unfortunately, no. It takes 24 hours to process your order. Moreover, the delivery takes several days. Express delivery may bring your parcel within 5-9 days. It is better to arrange an order beforehand. You may enrich your first aid kit to have necessary medications from different drug categories.

What are the shipping methods? When can I expect the delivery?

We offer customers 2 types of shipping:

  • Regular Airmail;
  • Express Airmail.

Regular airmail delivery takes 2-3 business weeks. The fee is $10.00. There is a possibility to get free delivery if your total is over $200.00. The express delivery takes 5-9 business days depending on the remote distance of your residence. The fee is $30.00. Remember there are cases when the delivery may be delayed. Try to take into consideration all these aspects.

Can my order be delayed and examined at customs?

If some problems will happen at custom you will get a notification. You will be asked to come for carrying out an examination of your parcel. Without your prior consent, your parcel cannot be opened.

What is your action if the parcel is damaged or something is lost?

In this exact case, you should contact customer support service, name the order number and explain the situation. We guarantee to cope with this problem on an individual manner.

Do I need to pay some additional fees if you reship my order?

No additional charges are taken.

Managing Orders

Is it possible to examine the order status?

There are 2 options available to realize it:

  • to contact the support group;
  • to examine the status via your account.

In case your order was sent by an Express International Mail, the tracking number can also be obtained from the same page.

Business Opportunities

What if I want to become the supplier and offer new items to Trusted Tablets?

Trusted Tablets will be delighted to process your offer. You should send us all the details to the e-mail address given in the “Contact Us” section. Please, be informed that the products you offer should comply with the quality requirements and should come with the quality certificates.