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The Story of How I Cured My Erectile Dysfunction

Scott Mathews believed that impotence is something “what happens only with older men.” But it turned out that the problem of erectile dysfunction affects young men more and more often. Here is his story of how Trusted Tablets helped him start a new life.

How I Cured MyErectile Dysfunction1

“I was 16 years old when I first discovered that my penis was losing its firmness during masturbation.

Then my morning erection was lost. This was the first sign that something was wrong with me. Over the next year, the situation gradually deteriorated. Masturbation and sex were so difficult to me – at the moment when I stopped the stimulation, my penis immediately became weak.

I’m pretty sure that my girlfriend noticed that something was wrong but we felt uncomfortable discussing it.

I had no one to share this with; I grew up without a father, and I was shy to tell my school friends about it. They would simply make me obese. Instead, I, like everyone else, continued to show off my sex life.

But it was not easy to pretend that everything was ok. I thought that impotence is something that happens only with older men. But it turned out that this problem affects more and more young men. According to a recent study, every fourth patient who first consults a doctor with erectile dysfunction is younger than 40 years old. My current doctor told me that every 10th man at some point in his life is facing this problem, but this topic still remains taboo.

Pornography also plays a role. When I was very young, I watched so much porn – sometimes several times a day, that it became difficult for me to achieve an erection during sexual intercourse. Many men have the same problems.

Keeping Viagra use a secret

When I was 21, I addressed the doctor, but it only made the situation worse. He just said that I probably masturbated too much. I left the room in complete frustration.

Then I began to secretly take Viagra. Before sexual intercourse, I ran into the bathroom to take a pill, and then I indulged my girlfriend with oral caresses for 20 minutes, until my penis was excited to the point that I could start intercourse.

Each tablet cost over $10 (!!!), and the package contained 20 pills. I probably spent thousands of dollar in them in a few years! Most guys had a condom in the wallet, and I had Viagra. I could not understand why this happens to me at such a young age – all this gave me a colossal upset.

If I suddenly ran out of pills, I fell into a panic and thought I was not able to make love. But even when the medicine helped, I still did not get pleasure from sex. I was constantly haunted by the fear of losing an erection.

One day my next girlfriend found these pills and asked what it was. I felt so uncomfortable that I just pretended not to hear her question. This secret began to dominate our relations, and in the end, we broke up. I’m sorry that I did not open it, but that time I was very shy.

Gels and injections

Over time, I had to admit that I could no longer spend that big money on Viagra pills. I even began to think about suicide. It became difficult for me to start a romantic relationship – how could anything happen if my penis did not really work? I thought that I would never find my love and create a family. I cried at night and worried about my penis. I thought my body was not functioning properly anymore, so why do I live?

One day I finally could not stand it and told mother about my problem. I said that if I do not solve this problem before the age of 30, I will kill myself. She was very upset, but she calmed me down and immediately sent me to another doctor.

The urologist recommended me gels and injections. That was horror! He said the actors of porn films make such injections so that they do not lose an erection during the shooting. My hand trembled every time I brought the syringe to the penis.

The injections helped but after a month I stopped doing them – it was a nightmare of some kind. I could not imagine who might like it – making injections into your penis.

The long-awaited solution

Two months ago my friend said that he regularly ordered cheap generic meds from Trusted Tablets pharmacy. I decided to check their assortment and find out whether they had inexpensive generic drugs for erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, they had a good selection. I purchased the medication which had a discounted price at that moment – Kamagra Oral Jelly. This product is similar to Viagra but requires a much smaller dosage to achieve the same good result. Besides, the drug has a pleasant flavor! I did not expect that the remedy would prove so effective! I’m now over the moon! I can make love and not worry anymore that I will lose an erection or my money. They promised that using Kamagra Oral Jelly I will gradually restore my natural erection, so now I’m trying to reduce the dosage each time.

My advice to everyone who has the same problem: before you start any treatment, discuss this with a qualified expert, find an understanding partner you will not feel shy with. And yes, buy ED medications from reliable pharmacies, such as Trusted Tablets.”

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