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Evident Benefit
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Trusted Tablets Received the “Customers’ Choice” Award

On Friday 25, 2018, Trusted Tablets pharmacy received the “Customers’ Choice” Award by the results of the year. This is our 3rd “pharmaceutical Oscar” from New York Awards and Honors Program.

customers choice award

Trusted Tablets already won “Loyalty Award” in 2008. In 2012, the company was recognized as the “The Most Affordable Pharmacy”.Over 100 New York pharmacies took part in the competition, and only 10 got to the finals: Hudson Square Pharmacy, Duane Reade Pharmacy, Mannings Pharmacy, Confucius Pharmacy, Downtown Pharmacy, Carnegie Hill Pharmacy, Confucius Pharmacy, Chemist Shop, Chelsea Royal Care Pharmacy, and Trusted Tablets.

The specialists evaluated the activity of the store on various indicators – from financial activities to the culture of customer service.

“I’m grateful to the jury for choosing our pharmacy network. I’m not ashamed of the work I’m doing. I want to thank my team that believes in me, supports and reaches new heights every day. This ounce is another victory, one more responsibility that we take and will be ready to bear. We are very pleased with our victory. But at the same time, a great responsibility came to us. It is necessary to constantly confirm the status of being the best. I want to emphasize that this happened first of all thanks to our friendly employees who are not only specialists but also good advisers and friends to our customers”, – said Edward Houck, the pharmacy director.

Indeed, we are proud of our employees, who brought the Trusted Tablets the title of the best. We want to present you our best pharmacists.

katrinaKatrina James is one of the youngest employees of our pharmacy. She graduated from Ohio State University with distinction. in 2012 she completed her internship training. She has been working in our pharmacy for 9 months.

“Katrina has already shown herself as a real professional,” Edward Houck said, – She selects medicines for relief of various symptoms very competently.”

The woman chose the profession of the pharmacist after her mother. Therefore, the main features of the specialty are known to Katrina since childhood.

“My job requires patience and a kind attitude towards buyers. Often, pharmacy visitors cannot explain what they need, confuse the names of the drugs. My task is to help them in choosing the right medicine. It is important to remember that pharmacists are not shop assistants. I must make sure that the buyer does not buy incompetent medicines and he does not try to heal on his own. Next year I will definitely take part in this contest again”, – Katrina said.

ChristineChristine Harvey is a pharmacist who managed to take the 3rd place in the “Best Pharmacist” nomination in 2018.

“For two years of work in the pharmacy, Christine has got her own regular customers, – says Edward Houck. – This indicates her professionalism and communicative qualities.”

According to Christine, she works with pleasure in Trusted Tablets pharmacy.

“The seller of medicines is my calling, the young pharmacist said. – I enjoy communicating with a lot of people. In addition, I’m pleased to see the gratitude of our customers when I help them make the right purchase.”

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