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Evident Benefit
Evident Benefit
We exchange customer's trust into loyalty by means of ensuring high-quality items and services.
Refer a friend and get a discount
Refer a friend and get a discount
Grant your friend a 5-% discount and 10 -% for you on your next orders via our service.
Want to Try a Combination of Pills?
Want to Try a Combination of Pills?
Choose a trial pack at the most affordable prices containing various medications and make up a decision what is more suitable for you.

How to Order

In order to purchase a product through the website of Trusted Tablets, you should first to find it.

Drug search on the website

We offer 2 ways of searching for the desired medication.

1 way (search by name):

To do this, just enter the name of the drug or a part of it in the “Search for a drug” field and click the “Find” button. If the search does not work, try entering the first 3-4 letters of the name and then click “Find”.

If you could not find the right product, do not despair, because there are two more ways of searching.

2 way (search by letter):

To find the goods in this way, you just need to click on the first letter of the drug name and choose the product you need from the list of offered products.

Working with the shopping cart

To place an order, you must add them to the shopping cart. To do this, simply click on the corresponding button. You can easily change the quantity of the desired product by changing the number in the “quantity” field. You will find out the total cost of the order by clicking the “Recalculate” button.

The ordered goods will be displayed in the shopping cart as it is filled. At any time you can view the contents of your basket – the corresponding button is located in the upper right corner of the screen. We advise you to immediately send all the goods that interest you to the cart. Do not worry, before placing an order you can easily remove all unnecessary items from your shopping cart by clicking the “Delete” button.

After all the goods you need are collected in the basket, do not forget to click the “Checkout” button.


On the checkout page, you need to choose the payment method and the method of delivery. After that, you need to fill in the fields of the proposed form. Fields marked with * are required.

Confidentiality of your contact information is guaranteed. We need this information only in order to deliver your order accurately and on time. We also undertake not to use it for unauthorized mailing and other unseemly purposes.

By the way, if you are already registered on our website as a regular user and authorized, you do not have to enter information about yourself every time. Your contact information will appear automatically in the form fields, you can check it and, if necessary, edit it.

After you pay for the order online, you will receive an email confirmation of the order and a tracking number (if you opt for an EMS shipping option). After that, wait for a delivery. The exact delivery terms are mentioned in the corresponding website’s page.